HENRIK-STENSON Torque 3.0 Milky Brown Transparent Matte


Torque 3.0 is a highly functional hybrid sport frame, especially suitable for golf and other sports activities with high visual demands. They are made of TR-90, an ultra light and flexible polymer.

The three-point grip has been further enhanced with a new fully exchangeable soft-touch rubber formula only found in high performance sports frames.

For this season we updated our anti-scratch lenses with an even sharper, HD lens for optimal visual experience. This means that the lenses will now enhance color and contrast in an even better way.

The oleophobic coating make them resistant to sweat, dirt, moisture and fingerprints. The anti-reflective coating grant a visual experience out of the ordinary.

The matt brown frame matches perfectly together with the grey lenses and are suitable for sunny days. This unisex model fits both men and women.

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